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Murray Dobbin – Author

March 31, 2010

Mr. Murray Dobbin will be speaking at the Museum’s  ‘ Tues Talks’ On April 27th at 12:15pm. 

Dobbin is a well known author; both print and blog, and is a founder of the Chamber of Commoners.

Please join us.

Admission is free but donations always welcome.

Tea and coffee served.

Did March come in like a lion or a lamb?

March 26, 2010

Picnic time is soon upon us.

Mystery Photo

March 24, 2010

Do you know where this is? Do you know where this is?  If so please let us know. 

Thank you.

Blast from the Past…. 1935

March 23, 2010

Fred Thulin, a founder of Lund, B.C. died.  

Cranberry Waterworks District Annual meeting was held.

Westview School formed its first PTA group.

Roxy Theatre opens in Westview. [ where the present Snickers restaurant is ]

Lee MacKenzie – speaker March 30 2010

March 22, 2010

Spring is here.

Lee MacKenzie will be the Museum speaker on Tuesday, March 30th at 12:15pm.

Lee has been a broadcaster for many years and brings a wealth of experience to her new love…… painting.

Everyone welcome. Admission free but donations appreciated.

Tea and coffee will be served.

New Website Live – 2010-Mar-17

March 18, 2010

A new version of the museum website was implemented 2010-Mar-17. The user interface is pretty much the same as before (but more consistent across the website) with a few exceptions :

  • a scrolling marque has been implemented at the top of the home page announcing new features.
  • mystery photos – clicking on a thumbnail view blows it up for better viewing – click again and it shrinks back down
  • BC150 grants – remarkable women – each woman is on a separate tab – clicking the tab activates the writeup of that woman
  • BC150 grants – poetry – same tab arrangement as remarkable women
  • BC150 grants – video clips – implemented in a different manner that makes them faster to load and start playing
  • Powell River people – click on a thumbnail image at the top and the description appears below.
  • Links – implemented in the same sort of tab structure as the BC150 grant sections
  • Powell River Facts – all the fact categories are expanded and shown on the left sidebar when ‘Powell River Facts’ is clicked. The categories are collapsed when another item other than facts is clicked (in the sidebar).

Blog Implemented

March 15, 2010

As of 14-Mar-2010, a blog letting everyone know what’s happening at the museum and what is new on the website has been implemented.